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    new VC player looking for direction

    I recently picked up a bunch of models for my new VC army and am looking for what way to go about building the rest of the army. What works? what dosen't??

    heres what I got? You Ideas and thoughts?

    10 Vampire Counts Dire Wolves
    80 Skeleton Warriors with 2 Full Commands
    40 Skeleton GraveGuard with 2 Full Commands
    40 Ghouls
    60 Zombies
    12 Great Weapons and Arms to make GraveGuard with Great Weapons

    NECRON Army List Builder a Free excel capable list generator for 5th and 6th ed. 11/2011
    Necrons - 6000 points, Tau - 6000, Daemons - 5250, Eldar - 4500, Blood Angels - 5000
    Some pics form my hobby.

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    2 units of 40 skeletons a great start. Could even consider taking units of 30 with 20 left over to raise into units during the game.

    40 Ghouls, not so much anymore. You deffinatley get value for the price you pay but in army terms it is expensive as they lack any real comand unit other than champion, and cannot be raised above starting unit size. If you find yourself struggling to fill out core options a unit of 30 of these guys will be good to watch your flanks and charge round should you need to.

    60 Zombies are good as long as you are able to field them in big units. I would be tempted to start with 50 in one unit with the others left to raise.

    Great weapons on GG is the only way to go these days. Skeletons fulfil the role of bunker units so GG should be kitted with GW so they can cause damage. Make sure to increase this unit to a minimum of 20 if not 25 with gw, and make sure they have the Banner of Barrows.

    Dire wolves are better than they used to be, might be worth taking a unit of 10 to screen units or charge off at lone enemies or go war machine hunting.

    In all not bad with the exception in my opinion of the ghouls.

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    With the new codex, i feel the player now have a massive variation when it comes to selecting what kind of theme they wish to play. With most of the units(and prices) on equal ground so to speak its possible to make a 100% fluff based army of VC and STILL have it fare well in a competative setting. You are no longer obligated to ghoul spam in order to have any chance to win every game. To be honest I dislike making lists strictly based on models available because that severely limits you from figuring out which way you want to go - are you a twilight wonabe or a crypt maniac? Do you want 3000pts full of bone or an army of unkillable spectres? Before you decide on what you want to focus on (if any) you could try a little of everything to get a taste what everything in the codex is capable of.

    For HQ you probably want to take advantage of every point possible (25% of the army value). Most VC forces feature one CC oriented lord, a supporting mage(vamp or necro), and/or BSB wight king (not really used for other pusposes), and/or additional supporting vampires/necros/wraiths/banshees to tag along with units and provide damage/summoning. Again this is by far the most variable portion of any army so it will take you a couple games to figure out how you want to handle your leadership, because it will greatly depend on how the rest of your army is built.

    For core, 8th edition pretty much forces you to use 2 or 3 massive blocking units, be it ghouls, skeletons or zombies again depends on you but either can work. These usually just hold the line and soak up damage, with hopes of neaby summoners being able to succesfully keep the numbers high enough to prevent the units from breaking. From experience i'm telling you right now units below 20 will probably be wiped out/broken on first charge because in this edition most fantasy armies have massive core units. Wolves have become very effective flankers in this addition so using small units of 5 and 10 can be remarkable if you want to deny rank bonuses for things that charge your front line.

    With special again you have a ton of options, but what you will be taking will really depend on what kind of theme/messege you want to provide. Graveguard are the default choice for most players, black knights and hexwraiths are basically used if you dont want to pay for blood knights (which are still monsters in CC, but are completely unaffordable). Bats are still bats.

    Rare, once again you can think of what you want to buy by first figuring out about how your core and special will look.

    If I were you I would make a rough draft, not even an army list. For example, say you use 2 units of 40 skellies (w/ FC) and 30 ghouls for core. Well thats 270x2 + 310 if my math is correct. You have wolves, so say your want to use a flanker unit of 10, or 2 units of 5. You have GG so you probably want to throw in a unit of 25-30 w. GWs in a 2k-3k game. Thats another 400pts or so. And basicaly work from there. That right there gives you a solid core, a good damage dealing unit and from there you can choose what to add to your rare and HQ. Start with 2000 points and let your experience tell you what gives you more pleasure to field on the table.

    Once you have the core and special set, filling in the rest isnt hard.

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