I´m a spanish vampire count. Two years ago, I began a new Project for try to play to Warhammer in 3D with a game called: Neverwinter Nights. I hope that someone knows this game, but the most important thing is that this game has a editor for make your own rol adventures. The game offers you the tool of programming your scripts, and I began to program it. The project was named as: Barammer.

In Spain, don´t know nothing about it, because I like show it when it will be completed... it´s nearly but I like more opinions. People I met know it, but this is the first forum when I present the baramer.

Also, I would like if someone of all you can tell me, if this game follows the Law. I only want to create a battle simulator in 3D, but without problems with Games Workshop, etc, and if someone can give a advert, I follow it.

I hope that the game likes you, and something or opinion is wellcome, really.

Greetings, and thanks.


Baramer intro:

Baramer spells (of the rulebook):