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    Best builds to run for hero level vamps in lower point games

    Just curious really,

    As I say specifically in lower point games (up to 1k) - how do you run your hero level vampires - fighters or wizards, and which is generally better for lower point games.

    I personally like the idea of a fighter vampire, as due to his abilities at 500-1k he's pretty much the final word in close combat engagements with other characters - I haven't started collecting vampire counts yet properly (it's been a kind of on again off again thing for ages now) - and I want to get some tactical advice on pretty much all of it before I even think about making any purchases.

    So which is best at low points - Fighters or wizards? Can we get both at this level (in the form of a necromancer or point heavy vamp).

    Oh yeah, also, what mount is best to have for the vampire (if any)


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    In a 1000 pt game, I would take a master necro with a 4+ ward i think it adds up to 210 points. Doing it from memory but if I'm right you could also give him the level 4 upgrade. I'd also take a mortis engine with a tome so hed get +6 to cast. But that is pretty expensive and fitting in good combat units may be trouble.

    As for taking a vampire hero, Its tough because they can get very expensive with gear and vampire powers. I played a game where he had fear incarnate and aura of dark majesty a great weapon and armour of destiny. This is 208 points if I remember correctly. He did alright but his attacks were slow and I hate not having red fury, but with the screaming banner my skeletons became my best preforming unit.

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