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    Steed or no steed for Vampire characters?

    Just wondering what you think really, is it better to mount a vampire character on a steed or not?


    EDIT: I ask because of this brilliant mini here:

    So is an on foot vampire build viable, and if so, what sort of role should he take? Spell-caster/combat or both

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    I think it depends on your list a bit.

    I've heard of people running their Vampire with Blood/Black Knights, using the Sword of Blood (or whatever it's called, the one what restores wounds) to keep the unit at high strength - in which case said Vampire would obviously need a mount.

    But then you can also run them in a unit of Grave Guard or Skeletons, in which case there's not much point equipping them with a mount.

    I can't say one way is better than the other, though, as I've no gaming experience to support anything I've heard. If you want the vampire on foot (It is an awesome model!) go ahead and chuck him in your list; if you still run cavalry and want another vampire with them, you could just throw a cheap combat based one in there.

    Or convert him to be standing on some zippy Tzeentch disk thing he stole of one of those Chaos Lords and claim its a mount!
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    Well, your question was just answered. Depends what you want to accomplish.

    - If you want to do the maximum amount of damage, your best bet is to either stick in into a knight unit (or solo on a terror/dragon).

    - If you are looking for a magician, your best bet is to keep him out of CC units. So you would probably be sending him along on a horse, or have him on foot in a strong CC unit. Alternatively you have have him glide between your bunker units and stay out of danger, while raising more and more with invocation.

    - If you are Twilight crazy and just want to pack as many vampires in your list as humanely possible, you would probably field him on foot (CC and under 400 pts) with additional vampire in various units.

    - If you are are playing in a competative setting, thats where the tables really turn. You want to maximize the damage your lord can do but at the same time keep him cheap enough in order to make sure your opponent doesnt focus on him. This is why dragons, terrors and large blood knight units are so discouraged in a tournament setting(especially when a lord is in the unit). If you want to play smart, most of the time you would either have a vampire on foot (CC oriented and under 400 points) or a magician on foot to stay along with your bunker units, or at least close to them. Alternatively you can put him on a horse and send him with black knights(preferably NOT blood knights) and keep the unit cheap as not to attract too much attention. This way you will not make this mistakes of newer players, more specificaly:
    ***Mistake 1: Field a tooled up Vamp on a dragon/terror alltogether costing you about 700+ points for a single unit. This is the first thing that your opponent will blow out of the sky, with cannons, bolt throwers and magic. Cannons wound the lord AND the mount, and empirial players have a tendency of having at least 2 cannons in any competative list plus hellblasters and etc. HEs and DEs love their bolt throwers which are also very devastating if you arent careful. This is a very common mistake for new players to make and they pay dearly during the first 2 turns of the game for it.
    ***Mistake 2: Field a tooled up Vamp in a large Blood knight unit. Yes, this is tempting for fluff, glory and coolness reasons. But once again this is going to be an 900+ point investment into a single unit, which your opponent will dedicate half his army to eradicate. A single, and large unit in this case, is hard to manuver and will be easily outmanuevered and killed by "bug bites" because noone is stupid enough to allow himself to be charged by a full unit of blood knights and a a 400pt lord along with them.
    ***Mistake 3: A tooled up CC Vamp or Magician riding around (or walking around) by himself, away from protection of friendly units. Yes I know its stupid, but ive seen people do this and it doesnt end well...

    Hope that sheds a little light on the issue...
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