please could someone help me put together a competitive list from the following that i own:- Core - 100 zombies, 50 crypt ghouls & 30 Dire wolves, Special 2 Corpse carts (1x balefire n 1 unholy lodestone) 70 graveguard, 20 blackknights, 20 hexwraiths and 3 vargheists. lords/heroes vlad von carstein, isabella von carstein, necromancer, coven throne, krell, wight king, 2 cairn wraiths & 3 tomb banshees Rare varghulf, 5 x bloodknights.

the way i have put my army together has slight cheats, ie my graveguard are LOTR army of undead, and have mounted 18 models onto square bases of three to act as either unit fillers or spirit hosts.
any competitive lists of 2000 upwards suggested will be played and feed back given

battle on

old fart