Vc Vs. Tomb Kings - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    I'm new to the game by three months, a rookie by all accounts. I took VC, in part, because they cause fear, but Tomb Kings will be immune. What in the River Styx do I do against my own ilk? Here's a blood dragon army I'd made up. This is a version that I adjusted silghtly after fighting a buddy's lizardmen army.

    A Blood count with an extra attack, killing blow (I slaughtered my buddy's general and another champion with it), and sword of unholy power--which offsets magic weakness. He leads a grave guard of 18 with full command.

    A thrall leads a skeleton unit that's equipped with spears and full command. He's got the enchanted shield and a sword of might (so that when does make contact, he does some damage).

    Another thrall leads another unit of skellies ('cause that's what I got models for). This thrall carries the Talon of Death. Last time, I took the sword that lets's him build up his skeleton or zombie unit, but since he wasn't fighting (auto-challenge) characters with only one wound, it was pointless. This way with the Talon, up to three models take an autohit. That makes 6 attacks total for him.

    A necromancer is currently mounted on barded nightmare, but he can be on foot. Problem is that he's running alone and can be caught if on foot. He's got a power familiar for extra magic since I'm otherwise low. The dilemma there is that he has no defense except for the mount, and if I remove it, well he's practically buck naked.

    A unit of zombies with command will serve as a tarpit, I hope. Last time, they were minced like ground sausage.

    2 Spirit hosts will take on heavy hitters or hold / attack flanks.

    2 Bat swarms will do what swarms do best.

    8 Dire wolves (with pack leader for the attack) will either hunt or support / attack flanks.

    A banshee will attack low leadership solitaries. Against the lizardmen this worked well when taking out the fire-spitting lizards and the flyers. If howling against a unit with a champion that has high leadership, then it's fruitless. Also, opponents tend to panic against banshees, not realizing their weaknesses, so they draw magic fire as a result. This frees up some opposing dice, and if I can dispel it, well...those low leadership units are toast. With their armor save negated, they rarely have a ward save to speak of.

    Anyhow, my question is this: how would this army stack up against beastmen or tomb kings. I've never played either and don't know what to expect.

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    Against beastmen i think you would have alot of trouble with minotaurs and such aside from the unit with your lord in it. Against tomb kings it would just be boring(trust me) however again i think your lack of manueverability and ways to handle his monsters and chariots would be your downfall. Also you have very little magic defense. And finnaly,sword of unholy power isnt that good,a BD is for fighting,slap a great weapon on him and watch the carnage!

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