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    Anyone got any ideas for a rookie? I've got two weeks until a 1000 pt tourney and i've had a tough time figuring out how to put a small VC army together (only one I have so far). I haven't faced all the armies out there, only beastmen, lizardmen, and dwarves. See what you think of this army list.

    I used the necromancer army list since cores and specials are cheaper. (Was told at the store that as long as it followed the rules for under 1000, it's okay). I'm hoping to dominate the magic phase and summon summon summon my way to victory.

    One lv 2necro with a power familiar. He'll hang out behind the infantry blocks. A wight lord with the grave guard. He has enchanted shield and sword of the kings. Grave guard has shields, full command, and banner of the barrows.

    Another lv 2 necro, this one with talon of death because the autohits can take care of, I hope, people directing attacks against him when he's in with a unit of 23 skeletons. And who'd expect him to really lay out some hard licks? The skellies are full command and shield.

    Two units of 5 dire wolves for flanking or hunting.

    Ten zombies that will shamble around out of combat until I can boost them up.

    7 casting, 5 dispel. Is that a strong number of magic dice for a 1000 pt game? I've generated less than that with a blood dragon 2000 pt army so it seems good. Will the lack of fighters mean that I'll just get whooped repeatedly? Thralls aren't available to this list and a standard army makes for expensive units and less total models.

    Here's what I thought for deployment.
    Wolves-Grave Guard and wight-Skellies-wolves in front
    necro/general behind them
    Zombies behind him in case someone ambushes me, flies over, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Your idea is pretty cool, but id leave out the nectomancer with talon. He really shouldnt be in combat because you dont want to lose your magic, its so important fo vc. Take some dispel scrolls (why don't people here ever use them?? its standard must have stuff in holland), the book of arkhan, power stones, staff of damnation, plenty to choose from, and keep him out of combat. You dont have to worry about being whupped in combat, take out a unit with a character with your badass wights and hold of the everpresent knights with skeletons until you can flank them.
    Screening, wizard-hunting and generally annoying ghouls an idea?
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