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    See what you think

    1) Blood dragon Lord, gen, lv 3, sword of battle, enchant shield, red fury, master strike, honour or death (lore of death)
    Wight Lord, hvy armr, shield, sword of kings, casket of ages (for character killing)
    Both are in same unit of 21 graveguard with halberds and full command, barrows banner

    2) BD Count, lv 2, shield, frost blade, lore of necro
    he's with 30 skellies with spears and full command

    3)Lv 2 Necro with book of arkhan and dispel scroll, lore of necro

    4) Lv 2 Necro with power familiar

    5) 10 Grave guard with war banner and full command

    6)20 zombies

    7) 5 dire wolves with pack leader

    5 more dire wolves with pack leader

    9) 2 spirit hosts

    10) 2 bat swarms

    11) 30 more skellies, these with light armor and hand weapons, full command

    12) banshee

    13) banshee

    I'm limited by what models I own. No cavalry, ghouls, or fell bats yet. My casting dice are 10 and dispel is 8.

    So how's the list overall? How should I deploy the infantry blocks? I can make a big wedge with count in the middle, maybe some zombies an inch or two ahead on one side to absorb the charge. Skellies on the other side. The vampire lord unit would have to flank, along with the wolves.

    The bad thing is that with such a large army, the 12" general movement rule won't help the outermost units.

    Is the coach best used to flank? I've never played it. Some have told me to keep the banshees behind the infantry blocks and to howl over them, that way they don't suffer from losing CR.

    What are my vulnerabilities?

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    Ghouls will do infinitly better than zombies in all purpose, as of screening, or in combat.

    A unit of black knights would help you Get a Great punch in there, Since banshees are nice but if is warmachines have runes they become magical....
    Best Regards,

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