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    I have been looking over the VC book as well as the SOC vampire modified army list. But I am a bit new to the usage of VC. I have ready several tactics that point towards core units being used as flankers and or blocks (skellies/zombies) to support vampire characters. But this new vampire counts list in SOC (Army of Slyvania) seems cool but I can't figure out how its played properly. I hope that some of the more veteran players can help me understand.

    Are zombies still a viable option for core. Most people I read only take them for the fact that they are really cheap and really easy to raise. But under the Slyvania Levy, there zombies are not so cheap anymore.

    Also these grave markers. Can you still "repelense units" with teh markers like you could with the spell. Or all raised units new units only?

    What is the general plan of attack for this type of army. The regular VC seemed to be a general Character in core troops who move up the center with flanker units for support with core units or to deny flanking on your core units. Does this still apply to Army of Slyvania?

    What is the difference between Army of Slyvania and a regular Von Carsteins army from VC?

    Sorry if I seem overly nobbish. I just want to make sure that I get to understand the new list before I try and play with it as an army.

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    Zombies are more expensive, but they have more weapons and items. They can still be good, especially with spears, skeletons are good to though. I take a mixture of both.

    The grave markers can replenish units or heal Vampires, it works like a normal invocation except as a bound spell. They are very good, and the best use I have found is making small speed bump units for opponents and bringing up crossbowmen behind them to shoot them as they move.

    I think tactics are mostly the same, you still need strong characters for your units to win but you can get the units very large from markers. Magic can be a problem as you don't get many magic users so little resistance, spectral attendants and earth bind is almost essential, use the bound spell item that makes units move too (can't remember its name). With that your opponent should be pretty stuck in the magic phase and you just keep bringing up more undead to beat him. The cool thing about grave markers is the new units you make can have any weapons, not just standard stuff, so your opponents really get hurt by them.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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