Von Carstein 2000 List - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Vampire Count LvL 2, Summon Wolves, Aura of Dark majesty, Cursed Book 340
    Necromancer LvL 2, Book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll 150
    Necromancer LvL 2, Power Familiar 150
    Vampire Thrall Wolf Form, Summon Wolves, Gw, Ha, shield 135

    23 GraveGaurd Champ, Standard Bearer 323

    12 Ghouls 96
    8 Ghouls 64

    9 Wolves Doom wolf 100

    2 Spirit Hosts 130

    5 Fell Bats 100

    23 Skeletons Champ, Standard Bearer 204
    23 Skeletons Champ, Standard Bearer 204

    Power Dice: 9
    Dispel Dice: 6
    Bounds: 1

    Tactic: Turn 1 the whole army moves foward the wolves hides themself along with the Thrall (Joining the wolves) the bats also hides themselfes as the rest of the forces moves forward. In turn 2 you summon the wolves behind enemy lines move the Wolf unit with the Thrall into the flank and The flyers as the main forces come into Charge range and turn three it will be over (we hope)

    Important Notes:

    - Incase of many warmachines summon those wolves in turn 1 to get them
    - Thrall must join Wolf unit to become strong enough to win the flank charge even without support and Negate Rank and get a flanking or rear bonus
    - Summon wolves most charge the rear of enemy forces to negate ranks and get a rear bonus.
    - Bats can be used to get ride of the warmachines of to negate ranks and get a flank bonus
    - Ghouls can be used to protect the flanks of your main forces or use the unit of 12 as a missle screen for the grave gaurd
    - Spirit hosts to protect the flank or instead of the ghouls make a missle screen for your gravegaurd (depends on emeny magic)
    - Main block to stick up enemy's main forces and get those rank and unit strenght

    Who Sees any improvement into this list?? all kind of comments allowed :lol:

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    I dont know how much experience you have, but a good list for a first post. Good choice of items for your necromancers. There are some things that I noticed though:

    -Maybe get some kind of ward save for your general. He would be even more dead meat without one.

    -You could split the units of ghouls into 3 units, and the units of wolves trading the doom wolf upgrade for another one into two. That's been more succesful for me.

    -Give your grave guard a magic banner. Even a War Banner would be very much appreciated, maybe turning a draw into an auto break.

    -Musicians can also mean the difference between a draw and an auto break. So most of the time it's worthwhile to take them with you.

    I wish you a lot of fun playing your army, and merry christmas.
    asquabbling they squandered and gambled
    till dawn did freeze their drunken dice

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