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Thread: Black Knights

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    So I'm curious how people out there use Black Knights. My first unit of them is nearing completion, slowly, but it's getting there. It seems that many VC generals take them in groups of five or six. Does this number work best for flanking? What about a frontal charge?

    I'm going to have enough models to make a larger unit. It could look something like this:
    4 reg black knights
    1 musician, 1 standard bearer, 1 hell knight
    1 mounted wight lord
    and I could toss in a mounted Von Carstein or Blood Dragon

    Nine models charging in with killing blow seems like a pretty potent force. But is the unit too expensive? Would it work for a frontal charge? How about fielding more than one unit, perhaps two units of 5 or 6?

    What banner might complement them best?

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    Well, nine seems a bit too much, as it's a very potent, yet expensive unit. six seems better, and a mounted wight lord is always a favourite with the sword of kings beeing an obvious choice
    As for a standard, I tend to use the banner of the barrows, as it maximises hits when the unit charges, and lets face it, if you don't get maximum hits, and do maximum damage, so you break the unit in one go, you're going to loose. They really can't afford anyone striking back, or settling in for a war of attrition, that's the ekeletons job So manouvre them carefully, and pick your fights to ensure you can win with them in one swoop. pick on the little guy so to speak, you are the bad guy after all

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    I would not recommend a large and expensive unit with several characters for any army, it is only one unit so while it will kill what it hits there is not a lot it can do in one game. Also if it gets charged or hit hard that is a lot of points down the drain, or your opponent could ignore it and beat 75% of your army, the rest, with his whole force.

    5 or 6 as flankers is good, if you really want 10 then have a wight lord only not a vampire and be careful with the unit, it is very expensive and still not impossible to kill.
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