Tomorrow's Game Day VIII at a fellow gamer's house, and I've worked up two lists. The first is a general army, and the second list i to deal with another player's Clan of Eshin army that pesters me so. Here's the general army, Novotny's Host. I'll probably also see a High Elf army, maybe Tomb Kings, and most likely Dwarfs.


Novotny (Master Necromancer)
Level 4 general carrying a dispell scroll, the Gem of Blood, and the Rod of Flaming Death.

Jacob (Necromancer)
Lvl 2 with Book of Arkhan and the Casket of Ages.

Cletus (Wight Lord)
A mounted Lord of the Barrows with the cursed book, lance, heavy armor, and shield leads seven Black Knights, who display a War Banner.

Spivey (Wight Lord)
A booted Lord of the Barrows with the Sword of the Kings, heavy armor, and shield leads a 21-strong unit of Grave Guard with full command and the Banner of the Barrows. (He makes 22).


20 skeletons with light armor, hw, and command for at least one of the necromancers to hide in if he needs to.

12 ghouls

2 units of 5 direwolves

Special Units

Novotny's Ethereal Host
3 bases

4 fell bats

I hope to raise and augment a unit of skeletons over the first two turns. Those, and zombies in the next turn, should allow the flankers to position themselves. The grave guard will have to be impressive, and they've let me down more than once. Maybe I'm using them wrong. Anyhow, I'll rely on flanking, summoning, and using long distance flyers and maybe wolves to get behind the lines and cause havoc.

If you notice any tips, weakenesses, oversights, or downright errors, let me know. The anit-Eshin list is much faster and leaner, built for pursuing, and has a much tougher general, a blood dragon, his thrall, and two necromancers.