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    Any advice on facing a Slann with temple guard?

    Carstein Count, obsidian amulet, aura of dark majesty, summon wolves
    Carstein thrall, enchanted shield, walking death, mounted on barded nightmare
    lv 2 necro with book of arkhan and dispel scroll
    lv 2 necro with power familiar
    7 black knights, full command, barding, war banner
    21 grave guard, full command, shields, banner of the barrows
    20 skeletons with light armor, shields, and spears, full command
    20 skeletons with light armor, shield, full command
    6 ghouls
    6 ghouls
    3 spirit hosts
    1 banshee
    4 fell bats
    7 dire wolves
    2 batswarms

    The extra swarms should help tie up kroxigors. I hope he doesn't field that Stegadon, which he probably won't since he's fielding such an expensive lord. And that damned salamander.

    He likes to run skink priests around, so I hope the fell bats will go munch on those. I imagine that he might take only one since a Slann's going to be bopping around.

    I've never faced a Slann before, and from what he said, it'll be a 4th generation. :glare: And I figure there'll be a Scar Veteran. Those have nasty stats for such an inexpensive character, lots of attacks at a high weapon skill. I plan avoiding the heavy fighting characters with my own. That's why my general has the obsidian amulet...withstand the Slann's magic and have a save against magic weapons. He's not too worried about regular troops.

    The thrall has walking death so that in combination with the black knights standard and war banner, his unit will be at 3 CR off the bat. That should help them quite a bit.

    ANyhow, any advice will help.

    EDIT: I just realized that the black coach isn't there. I definitely want to field it. Now what to drop?

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    It really depends on exactly what he is taking (besides the slann), however, I can tell you right now from that list that he is going to dominate the magic phase. He is at bare minimum going to have the Slann and a Skink Priest, which gives him 8 casting dice, not to mention the Slann gets +1 to cast and +1 to dispel.

    If you are only going to take the two level 2 necros, you should atleast load up on scrolls. Heavens magic can really ruin an undead players day.

    Felbats will work really well for taking out skinks, if you have enough of them

    4th Generation Slann isn't bad, that just means they don't get miscasts (a miscast is just a failed casting).

    Graveguard will do really well against his army, if they don't get blasted to bits before they get there.

    Banshee will own skinks.

    Small units of dire wolves will own the crap out of skinks. Killing on 2s on the charge is good stuff.

    Anyhow, after all that blathering, the most important thing is you will lose in the magic phase with this current list.

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