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    Battling Dwarves

    Evening my Undead Chums.

    hows life?

    Just about learnt the rules to WHFB now, still battling my dwarf mate. just wondered if you could maybe give mea few pointers, help really wipe the smile of his beardy face.

    He is fielding
    1 dwarf lord, on shield bearers (strike first, +1 to hit, keep great weapon ability)
    1 thane (-2 armour save:wacko: )
    1 rune smith (3 dispell scrolls)
    1 engineer
    2 units of 16 long beards ( Both, blooming fearless... runic banners :cry: ),
    1 unit of 10 slayers
    1 unit of warriors (outnumbered by longbeards becuase he fields a dwarf lord.. something about royal blood)
    10 thunderers

    2 bolt throwers
    1 cannon

    its all in all, a pretty good dwarfy army... if a little catered to whooping vampire counts.

    i generally field
    1 master necro

    2 normal nercos

    1 wright lord

    3 x 20 zombies (i do love zombies lol:shifty: despite their poor combat skills)

    a unit of 25 skeletons, with spears and shield and armour

    3 units of 8 wolves

    1 unit of 3 fell bats

    1 unit of 6 ghouls

    1 banshee

    1 unit of 16 grave guard

    so my question (now you know the ins and outs)

    Should i replace my Zombies with Skeletons? at the minute im getting whooped by those great weapons.

    Where to field my wolves?

    Grave Guard, halberds or hand weapons and shield?

    Any ideas on beating those fearless (and terrorless) or those big bad dwarf lords?"

    just to sing the praises of my troops, (and maybe help some other newbies out)

    Huge units or zombies will take smaller units with ease

    vampires, pretty cool if you like shreading units from the flank or rear, or safe within a unit, but god awful if you put them up against units by themselves.

    Ghouls... an absolute life saver. gauranteed to tear through units of troll slayers with ease.

    Grave Guard, pretty solid against most types of unit, one of the few reliabilities in my army.

    Banshees, great for shock value.


    Either way (i do go on), any help would be greatly appreciated

    Craggy Island

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    There was a huge thread recently just for this, called gotta bash some dwarf heads in. Its around the middle of this page, and is worth checking out. There are a couple of things right off the bat though. It is going to be tough going magic heavy against dwarves, and you need to combat power of a vampire rather than a master necro. Nothing is guaranteed vs dwarves, they could never break if he is lucky, and his units are sturdy and strong. Zombies won't rip through much, don't rely on their combat prowess. If you want more army list help, post one up in the army list forum. Otherwise I think it would be alright to read the thread I mentioned and continue that if there are still questions.

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    Id bump up the size of the GG since they're your only power unit for infantry.

    Then I'd drop the banshee. She'll need an awesome rolling day to hurt those buggers. Even core dwarfs have a ld of, what is it, 9?

    Don't get bogged down by slayers. They can cause a major headache. Toss some zombies at 'em and tie them up or hit 'em with a heavy unit in the flank to snag the points.

    I'd use hw/shld on the GG. It's a matter of wounding of 4s or 3s, but I think you'll appreciate the armor save.

    Like MJ said, there's a pretty lengthy thread on playing against Dwarfs you might want to check out. Just scroll through the VC threads and you'll find it.
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    You could try combining 2 units of 20 zombies to make a unit of forty which i find a lot more useful



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