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    What do you like at 3000pts

    Due to the fact that recently aquired enough to play 3000 points, and I am in fact playing in a 2v2 3000pt epic battle tonight, I wanted to get something started with everyone.

    Here are some questions.
    What do you like to use for hero choices at this level? A certain number? Do you run both lord slots?

    Is a winged nightmare a more viable option do you think (since i have one)?

    Does your playstyle change, or do you just add to the units you have and just add a few more of them?

    Do you think any bloodlines become more or less effective at this level?

    Do you have any tactics that will really shine at the higher points that are less possible at 2000ish?

    I am facing good old ogres and chaos, and my partner is lizzies or empire. I know my own tactics for fighting them, so I am more interested in any team tactics, or just ideas you have of what to do for the points.

    Hope that this will help more than just me.

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    At 3000 points you have 2 lords and plenty of hero slorts. This would make me take a vampire lord rather then in a 2000 points game where I take a count since I cannot afford to lose the hero slot. At 3000 points you might face 2 lord in you opponents army and thus it's a good idea to take the vampire lord over a count to make him more durable.

    Personally I would take a vampire lord, a count, a thrall and 2 lvl 2 necro's.

    Also I am not a big fan of 3000 points. The reason is as you see above it will likely become herohammer rather then warhammer. 2999 is much more fun and a completely different game. Try it sometime. The 1 point might not make much differents in points but you will have to make a much bigger army since you still have to use the same amount of lord, hero, special and rare slots as in a 2000 game.

    Back to 3000 points. By all means take a winged night mare in 3000 points. The main reason not to take it is that it makes your vampire such a big target and your opponent just has to get a lucky shot and kill it and win the game. However if in 3000 points you can protect your general and have the 2nd lord choice run around on a winged nightmare. If he dies it still sucks but it's no longer instant game over.

    As for tactics. Ogres/chaos/lizzies/VC will be very limited shooting. take blocks and blocks of infantry. You are pretty solid in LD with undead and coldblooded. Your opponent will suffer some problems with speed differences and will have a hard time keeping a solid battle line. Play into this and break up his line even more. If they keep a chaos/ogre battle line solid and it ends up being a head on battle you are doomed. So before the forces meet cause as much disruption in his line as possible. Then take it on bit by bit and you should be fine. Block units with wolves and redirect them. Or create units of skelletons to march block/redirect slow stuff and let fast stuff come through. Stuff like that.

    The point difference doesn't really handicap or benefit any of the bloodlines. As for adding to units or adding more units. I already run my infantry block at max size so it's pretty clear.

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