Hello all,

So, I was thinking about doing my VC army with a chaos theme (the fluff for this is that a necrach lord killed a lord of tzeentch in a magical duel and then killed his legion of followers) and I already have the conversion ideas, I was just wondering if they were any good.

Necrach Lord - might do something here, otherwise he will stay the same.

Necros - I'll be using a chaos sorcerer and tzeentch champion with a converted head here.

Skellies - I think regular skellies with chaos marauder sheilds would be good.

Dire Wolves - converted chaos hounds

GG - warriors with skellie heads

BK - knights with skellie heads

Spirit Host - assorted horrors and maybe marauders as well

Fell Bats - regular bats converted with screamers and green stuff to show the warping effects of tzeentch.

Banshee - ??????????......maybe a dark elf sorceress or a damsel of the lady.