Hey guys
Playing a tournament in a few weeks, so I'm toying with an army. I love playing with dire wolves and small units of knights backing up my militia/levy, and not having to fuzz around with puny necromancers I'm mostly will be playing against elves (High and Dark) and skaven (Moulder, Scryer and Eshin).
So here goes!

Thrall *solo
-Wolf Lord
-Surprise, The Flayed Hauberk!
-Great Weapon

Thrall (General) *Assigned to Militia unit
-Aura of Darkness
-Heavy Armour
-Enchanted Shield
-Great Weapon

Wight Lord *Assigned to the Black Knights
-Cursed Shield of Mousillon
-Sword of Kings
-Heavy Armour
-Barded Nightmare

20 Sylvian Militia

20 Sylvian Levy

6 Dire Wolves
6 Dire Wolves
6 Dire Wolves

4 Fell Bats

5 Black Knights
-Full Command

Ze Black Coach

Grand Total: 1394, 106 points left.
I don't know what to include next, I could boost the knights unit to 7 models, but I don't like having all those points in one unit.. Any suggestions? Never really played a tournament so any side comments would be great

I have 20 grave guard, 20 levy (kept for summoning), 2 Dire Wolves and tons of Black Knights left, should anyone want to suggest another sort of army.
Concerning the shield + great weapon combos, does the shield bonus count in close combat or only against ranged attacks?
Note that we'll be playing 6th edition, and the troops that die as the battles progress will be restored (So no "buy-back" points, if you get me).

Thanks alot!