First of all, I apologise if this is the wrong topic, but it seemed the most likely place to ask. In Australia, at least, issues 309-311 featured details on the "Army of the Cairns", an alternate variant of the "Old World Undead" army, basically revolving around a Necromancer leading an army of undead soldiers "recruited" from burial mounds and the like. Specifically, the army focused on a particular army led by Heinrich Kemmler and Krell against the Wood Elves of Athel Loren.

Long story short, I liked the army, but I'm not found of special characters, so I was thinking of modifying the army list somewhat to allow for more "generic" usage. This is why I'm posting here; I'd like people's opinions on the revisions I make and some assistance with making a few particular decisions. I'll first make a basic "summary" of the army, then I'll list my proposed modifications.

Shadow Druid- Undead, Ethereal Wizard that casts Shadow or Death magic.
Barrow King- basically a Wight Lord on a chariot pulled by skeletal steeds, compulsory choice (you must have at least one)

Skeleton Warriors- other than some different weapon options, basic skeletons, again a compulsory choice (must have at least one unit)
Simulcra- Undead Constructs, basically animated statues of watchmen
Ghost- single model Ethereal undead

Embalmbed Ones- basically a revival of the original "Mummy" unit from the previous version of the Undead Army
Unquiet Horsemen- skeletons riding skeleton steeds
Barrow Guardians- Grave Guard with some differences essentially
Tomb Stalker- Undead Construct

Glooms- ranked unit of Ethereal undead
Winged Nightmare- an unridden version of the monstrous steed from Vampire Counts

Now that's out of the way, my proposed changes are quite simple. First, remove Kemmler & Krell as compulsory choices- in fact, perhaps either remove them (and all other VC special characters) from the list altogether or have a rule that if you have those two, you can't have any other Necromancers. Second, add Master Necromancer to the Lord options and possibly add Necromancer to the Heroes. Third, and this I'm unsure about, add Wight Lord to the Heroes; representing lesser chieftains etc and thus enabling you to add someone to your compulsory unit of Skeleton Warriors.

Now, these are the things I need help with...
*For Necromancers (either stripe) and Wight Lords, which "set" of magic items should they be allowed access to?
A: Common and Vampire Counts only, with certain items removed from the VC list (these items being too heavily associated with Vampires- the Von Carstein Ring, for example)
B: Common and Army of the Cairns only
C: Common, modified VC and AotC
When you make your recommendation, if you pick A or C, can you list what items from the VC list you'd recommend removing?

*Should Master Necromancers still be allowed to ride Winged Nightmares, given that unridden versions are a Rare choice in the Army of the Cairns?

*If yes to the above, should Necromancers in the Army of the Cairns be able to ride Winged Nightmares, perhaps at the cost of also using up a Rare choice?

*Should Master Necromancers still be able to ride a Zombie Dragon?

*Finally, should a "barrow chariot" (a chariot pulled by skeletal steeds, like what the Barrow King rides) be added to Necromancer's steed options? If yes, would you recommend it for both levels of Necromancer, or for Master Necromancers only?

My thanks in advance, and I'm grateful for any advice or input you have to give.