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    1500pt vampire counts

    Von Carstein Thrall: Wolf Form, Flayed Hauberk, Great weapon- 134pts
    Necromancer: Lvl 2, Book of Arkhan, Black Periapt-140pts
    Necromancer: Lvl 2, Staff of Damnation-140pts

    Core: 585pts
    18 skeletons: Light Armour, Full Command-205pts
    18 skeletons: Light Armour, Full Command-205pts
    15 skeletons: Light Armour, Full Command-175pts
    5 Direwolves-50pts

    Special: 500pts
    5 Black Knights: Banner of the Barrows, Barding, Full Command-235pts
    5 Black Knights: Barding, Full Command-185pts
    4 Fell Bats-80pts

    Not sure where I'm going to put my thrall, either in one of the skeletons units, the direwolves unit or the black knights unit without the banner.

    What do you think?

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    It looks pretty solid. Two things: You can't have both Book of Arkhan and Black Periapt on the same necro, as they are both arcane items. And I would try to get a few more wolves in the list, but that's just how I like to play.
    Other than that, maybe some ghouls would be nice to guard the rear, but really only needed if you run into tunneling teams/ambushers or harrassing light flyers.

    But as I said, pretty solid list, and potential for some heavy flanking with the knights and the thrall.

    Edit: Actually, on second thought, have you considered dropping musicians from your skeletons and the champ from the second unit of knights, that would give you points to give the knights the War Banner? That would be an excellent flanking unit.
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