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    Vs beasts of chaos

    Ive never played against beasts of chaos but there are quite a few guys starting to play them where i live so im gunna be playing them soon, so id like to know how deal with them especially with the nemesis crown campaign coming up.

    The main points id like to know is are there units and magic any good and are beast herds a pain cos they sure as hell look it, and im presuming i can hold any big shaggoths up with zombies then poison with ghouls.


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    Shaggoths cause terror. Don't expect the ghouls to charge them unless the general is within 12"

    Also the best way to kill a shaggoth is to charge a block of zombies/skellies in there. You will have 3 ranks, outnumber and a banner and he has 5 attacks. Even if he kills with all 5 of his attacks he still loses combat due to the musician. So that means a break check every round. Eventually he will break.

    Then the rest of the army. They have really good units but almost everything has a weakness and then army suffers from low leadership so you will benefit from that as he will fail fear checks.

    Minotaurs - very good but they have a major weakness. Bloodgreed. Block them with wolves so that they have to charge the wolves or do nothing. Then when they charge make sure they expose their flanks to you. The wolves will get destroyed and he will not be allowed to overrun due to bloodgreed. Thus you know in advance where he's going to be.

    Herds - nasty as they often have a fighty character in them and they are better then your units so they will make up easily for having only 2 rank bonus. But their weakness is how they form up. So charge something small into them. Like a thrall or a banshee even a black coach will work. Now they only get to rank up 4 wide and don't get the rank bonus so all you have to do is beat the outnumber and the banner (and musician). The coach should be able to do that by itself. If you charge in with a vampire or a banshee you might want to dance in a block of skellies/zombies in the magic phase. Then he still doesn't get the rank bonus.

    Dragon ogres - these are going to be your bane. You will have to hit them in the flank to stand a chance against them. Or scream with your banshee. Use wolves or raised units to make them expose their flank or do nothing or pin them down with your banshee. You might lose her if she fails to wound them in 2 rounds of combat but you can make sure they don't move.

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