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    Looking for more opinions: Various "what should I field" ?'s

    It's worth noting that I play Necrarchs, so all Vampires mentioned from here on out are Necrarchs. Games are also all 2150 points lists.

    1. Vampire or Wight... which "Lord" to field?

    Currently, the characters that I am running are a Vampire Count general, 1 Vampire Thrall, 1 Necromancer, and a Wight Lord. However, I was wondering, would it be worth it to take out the Wight Lord and upgrade my Vampire Count to a Vampire Lord? It'd give him a little bit of extra hitting power, as well as the extra wound keeping him alive longer. With only 1 other caster in the army (the Necromancer - my Vampire Thrall is currently being fielded with Dark Acolyte bloodline power), it will also give me a bit of extra magic power, in a list that's designed for some hardcore magic. I lose a very powerful character killer in my Wight Lord, however. Trying to balance the pro's and con's between the 2.

    2. Zombies & Dire Wolves, or Spirit Hosts?

    My most recent list has 2 units of Skeletons, light armor, 20x, as well as 1 Zombie unit of 25x (w/ Standard) and another Zombie unit of 20 (w/o Standard). The purpose of the 20x Zombie regiment is more of a bunker for my Necromancer, but it also provides me with a secondary block unit to tie up the enemy. I am thinking about taking my Dire Wolves out of the list, which I currently run 2 units of 5x Dire Wolves. First off, I was never a fan of them, because I wasn't too into the fluff (I like the more ghostly elements of the Undead more than the evil animals), but being fast cav, I felt I could get some good use out of them. Well, to this point, they hardly ever do much of -anything-, and the worst part was last night. I was in a game, my opponent's Saurus Warriors front charged my Skeletons, the Skeletons held up the Saurus, and I came in and got a flank charge with my Dire Wolves. The wolves did absolutley no damage (I think I killed 1 Saurus Warrior), and on the attacks back, the Saurus Warriors killed off 3 of my wolves, negating my flank charge, and getting his ranks back. My wolves crumbled, along with many Skeletons.

    2 5x wolf units is 100 points, and my 20x Zombie regiment is 120. 220 is more than enough to get me a unit of Spirit Hosts (195 for 3x), and I've had good experiences with my Spirit Hosts holding up enemy units.

    What would be a more valuable asset to have? A Necromancer bunker and some very fragile flankers in Zombies and Dire Wolves, or a much more reliable holding unit of Spirit Hosts?

    3. Is the Tomb Blade worth it?

    I've always been interested in equipping my Vampire Count / Lord with a Tomb Blade, because I like the concept of it, but I usually fielded my Vampire in a Grave Guard unit. I've recently gone to fielding my Vampire Count in a Skeleton regiment, and my Tomb Blade would now come in handy. Only problem is, I'd probably have to give up some nifty magic items on my Count to get it. Currently, he runs Nehekara's Noble Blood, Unholy Cynosure, and Ring of the Night. I like having Ring of the Night and Unholy Cynosure, as it offers the general some defense, but the Tomb Blade could also help out the Skeleton unit against crumbling, and eventually leaving the general on his own. Should I just stick with the defense that I have, or would a Tomb Blade and another magical item be worth it to give up the Unholy Cynosure and Ring of the Night?

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    1: Keep the count as a count. Remember, a vamp lord takes up a lord slot and a hero slot. I would probably keep the thrall, and maybe even add a second necro instead of the Wight Lord, depending on the opposition. I rarely field Wight Lords, but they make excellent BSBs in a unit of GG.

    2: I would say take them all! Dire Wolves are weak, I know, but take at least one unit of them. They have saved my undead butt a few times just by being on the table threatening flanks and forcing my opponent to assingn troops to block them. Remember, they can easily run into a tablequarter, giving you a few easy VPs! As a general guideline I would say that if you have a few Fell Bats, take one unit of 5. If you dont have bats take 2x5.
    Spirit Hosts are great, they are a must in 2k+ games imo. I always field a load of zombies too, they can hold up any unit as easily as Spirit Hosts, provided you are able to raise new ones constantly...and with IoN you get the +1 to your dice. That's priceless. I realize that this answer isn't really helping you out, but it reflects my opinion anyway

    3: I would say no. Fluffwise it's cool, but the alternatives are better.

    Good luck!

    Rork edit: Woah! Check your spelling - you only give "special chocies" to your girlfriend.

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