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Thread: Support Units

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    Support Units

    Hey, this might be a stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyway

    (just so you know next wednesday I'm leaving for Wales for 2 weeks so I might not be able to reply to your answers, but i'll read them when I get back! )

    So I am going to start a vampire counts army and there are quite some "support units" to choose from, I am talking about ghouls, dire wolves, bats (small and large ones) and maybe the ethereal ones too. I know that a large part of my force will be zombies and skeletons (like any VC army) but I haven't got much experience with the other units. I proxied 2 500pt battles against a buddy and each time, my dire wolves never made it to combat. One volley of missile fire would be enough to kill them ALL. (yeah, T3 and no Armour Save kinda sucks!) Maybe Ghouls would be more efficient, being T4 skirmishers?

    Please give me some insight in the usage of the VC support units because I am still not sure at all, which units to take to support my blocks of zombies and skeletons.

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    Dire Wolves are vulnerable to missile fire. Thats why it is worth running them in several small packs rather than one or two large ones.

    That way your opponent has to split his fire he also gets less victory points per pack destroyed.

    Another way of using Dire Wolves is to deploy them behinfd the main force and bring them out once the two armies are engaged.

    Of course it depends what army you are facing. Woodelves and some Dwarf/Empire armies will be able to deal with your Dire Wolves very easily. But in these cases Ghouls won't fare much better.

    You shouoldn't use Ghouls in the same way as you would dire Wolves they perform different functions really. Ghouls are more there as a close support/screening unit for your main force. They are also quite good at rooting out enemy scouts.

    Dire Wolves are more there to get behind the enemy and go war machine hunting as well as march blocking.

    Fellbats have a similar function to Dire Wolves but again must be used slightly differenly. I personally think Fellbats are slightly too expensive.

    Spirit Hosts are the ultimate screen. Invulnerable to nearly all missile fire and the ability to quickly move out of the way. They are however very expensive.

    In summary then I wouldn't replace DireWolves for Ghouls neccessarily as they have different roles. If you use Dire Wolves run them in lots of small packs (5 or 6). A lot of people say don't use Doom Wolves, I have mixed feelings about this, I have found that the Doom Wolves to be useful but that may have been more luck on my part.
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    I love ghouls, mainly because most players forget that they're not an undead unit, which means they can flee as a charge reaction. They can march even miles away from the general, and they DO hit hard. They have a more then fair price imho, I always field 2 units of them.

    Wolves are the most flexible unit, as they can be used for early warmachine hunting, or can serve as mid-game flank\rear chargers. I won a game against Brets due to my Wolves flank\rear charging my enemy on turn 3, when he was stuck on an endless wall of zombies. Ok,my Bainshee screaming a 12+2 against some of his L8 unit helped out too, but that's not the point : P
    As for the Doom Wolf question,I always try to field it. Wolves get shoot at, and get easily killed during combats A model with 1 additional attack in the center of the unit is often a huge bonus, it allowed me to win many fights against dwarves war machines,or other light cavalries.

    I also like to play 4 bats, they don't usually have a strong charge impact, especially against dwarves....but a 20" charge on turn2 on your opponent's warmachines is always a good thing. Even if you don't manage to win the combat, you will force your opponent to either ignore the fight (and his machine won't shoot for several turns), or he can move his troops in order to help the crew, which will usually mess his deployement.

    Spirit Hosts are simply perfect. Play 3 of them and you can use they're Ethereal ability to cover your main units, or auto-win combats with a flank\rear charge where your opponent can't get any wound on his side of the resolution. Expensive,but they get the job done.

    The Bainshee is another support unit, but her performance unfortunately depends on the enemy. Armies with an average LD of 7\8 will be scared to death by 1 or even 2 Bainshees, while Dwarves and immune to psicology armies will just laugh at her. I usually field 1 in my all comers list, only field 2 against empire\orks.

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