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Thread: VC vs Empire

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    VC vs Empire

    So im fighting a 1000 pt battle against an empire army tomorrow for the first time and i really don't know what they are capable of? what should i watch out for and what units would be espcaially good for me to take to shred those filthy humans?

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    I haven't really played much against empire, but here are a few guesses:

    You will probably face some artillery, so don't leave home without Fell Bats!
    There will probably be a shooty unit or two in there as well, so bringing a unit of Ghouls as a missile screen might be wise.
    Other than that I would say big infantry blocks to outnumber his rank and file units.


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    Hmmm, empire are a nasty one to go against as they also favour big blocks of infantry.

    Things to warch ot for...

    Magic - Their magic can be very strong against udnead, like the lore of light and the unbreakable bound spells from the warrior priests.

    Detachtment units - These are units of around 10 men, that follow a larger unit round, and when their larger unit is charged, they go straight into your flank. These hurt!

    Mortar - Great against zombies and necromancers, watch out.

    What bloodline do you do? This might help us help you.

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    1000pts doesn't give you a lot of points to play around with but I wonder if two or three Spirit hosts would be worth the investment. They would make a perfect near invulnerable screen for your main regiments.

    Fell bats as mentioned are good, again quite expensive. I think Zombies are going to have to be your main regiments, perhaps with a couple of necromancers if you can afford it.

    I think your best bet would be to have two spirit hosts, two smallish units of Zombies, five or so dire wolves and three or four fell bats and two level two necromancers if you can.

    Keep the dire wolves out of sight and use them to lasunch a flank attack later in the game, Spirit hosts block line of site for one zombie regiment Fell bats go war machine hunting, necro's tryand raise as many zombies as possible.

    Hopefully weight of numbers and perhaps a nice flank attack fromthe dire wolves might win you the battle.

    Low point battles are bad for VC in my experience.

    The alternative is to not bother with the Spirit hosts and go for a banshee and (alot) more zombies. Hopefully sheer numbers will allow you to weather the storm while the banshees scream will wreak havoc, especially against knight regiments.

    Remember that in such a small battle your opponent will not have many points to spend either. He will be hard pressed to find the points to counter your magic if you invest the points in two necromancers. Also remember that zombies are fairly easy to raise.
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    Steam Tank and shooty war machines are pretty annoying.
    On a lucky roll with his new cannon (i don't know the translation,sorry....i mean the one which looks like a Dwarf organ cannon) may shoot more then 20 hits, hitting on a 4, killing zombies on a 2, and that could mean a lot of "dead" zombies.
    The steam tank is a pain too, if he plays one try to avoid it as long as you can. I usually send some Nagash' gazes (the 2d6 f4 hits spell) at it, he will eventually fail some saves, and when the tanks start losing wounds he becomes a lot less efficient.

    Using wolves, bats and so on it's pretty easy to out-maneuver Empire, just watch out for the light cavalry that's able to shoot more then 10 S4 penetrating hits.

    His shooting units can have a sniper inside it, who can shoot at your general even if you place him inside a zombie unit. Watch out >_>

    The heavy cavalry has a 1+ save, apart from that they're not so scary.

    Priests have some nasty spells, some of them allow their unit to never break from combat...always remember to dispel that *__*

    I usually don't care much about detachements, I never front-charge an enemy unit with 3 ranks+standard, and most of the times 5 wolves on a flank\rear will be more then enough to kill 20 swordsmen.

    I usually have nice games against empire, much funnier then dwarves, no matter who wins in the end ^____^
    I love fielding ethereal units against Empire, especially a bainshee. Too bad it's just a 1000pts game
    Empire's LD is pretty low, the bound item selling D3 S5 hits forcing a LD check is nice, it will usually force your opponent to waste 2 dispel dices, and may result in big units running away from the field XD

    Have fun and let us now how the game went!

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