that should be 3000, sorry.

Master mutator
tenebrous cloak, bands of power & warpstone armour

Master Breeder (grey seer)
Staff of Sorcery & 2 warpstone tokens

Battle standard bearer & B.O.T.H.R. (banner of horned rat)

Master Moulder W. skavenbrew

sword of might
heavy armour

3x 25 clanrats
full command
2x Rat Spewer(counts as warpfire thower)

24 clanrats
(contains cheiftan)
standard bearer

4 3 pack giant rats

3X 30 slaves

18 stormvermin
(contains M Mutator & BS

4 Rat Ogres
(contains master moulder)

3 rat ogres

3 rat ogres

20 mutated ones (plague monks)
Banner of burning hatred

10 Mutator flalegants (plauge cencser bearers) -170pts

5 rat swarms - 350

5 rat swarms


I dont have time to do a "front of book" army with the BoB one, but ill probably post it in a while.