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Thread: Bret 1000 Pt

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    Senior Member Mead's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
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    17 (x1)

    Charas: 210 pts

    General: Damsel, 1 dispel scroll, chalice of Malfleur - 115

    Bsb: Paladin, Virtue of Empathy, War Banner - 95

    Core: 615 pts

    10 men-at-arms, halberds - 50

    16 men-at-arms, spears, full command - 107

    19 men-at-arms, spears, musician - 100

    10 bowmen, skirmish - 70

    10 bowmen - 60

    10 bowmen - 60

    6 Knights of the Realm, full command - 168

    Special: 87 pts

    5 mtd. yeomen, shields, musician - 87

    Rare: 90 pts

    Trebuchet - 90

    Total: 1002 pts

    PD: 3
    DD: 3+1 (chalice)

    Tactics and such: Well, over a hundred models in a 1K army, not too shabby. This army list is based on a town garrison, a hastily gathered defence as a dark elf raid or other threat appears suddenly while most all the knights are away fighting some errantry war or other. Inspired by a comment at another board.

    The bsb, bearing the town flag, will go in the 19 strong m@a unit. Essentially he'll be acting at the army's general (I mean, come on! There's him, and there's the weird Cup Lady) The damsel is really only there to counter the enemy's magic, but she's getting the Oxen Stands spell to (probably very ineffectually) assist in rallying fleeing troops. She'll hang back and lend her respectable ld7 to the bowmen and trebuchet crew, while trying not to get killed.

    I thought I'd deploy the unit with the bsb on one flank, and the Realmies on the other, to maximise their leadership coverage over the army. This list is so utterly dependant on their leadership that I think it will collapse almost immediately if I make any mistakes... the price for making a fluffy army I guess.

    Also, I have one question: The Oxen Stands says that it "can be cast on any friendly fleeing unit" that then rallies immediately. Does this include units that otherwise can't rally? On account of having been reduced to under 25% of its original unit strength, for example. It doesn't really specify.

    I don't have the brb in front of me, only the online ref sheet. If the book is more precise please let me know...

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    Feb 2004
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    This army is really cool! It's got more models than my 1k common goblin army! I look forward to any battle reports you might post.
    I think that oxen stands can rally any fleeing unit.
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