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    i jus started fantasy with my friends and we're suppose 2 have 1000 points by the end of next month. here's the army list i'm gonna use. plz give any suggestions.

    -Grail Vow
    -Biting Blade
    -Armour of Agilulf
    -Barded Bret. Warhorse
    -Virtue of Confidence
    -Gauntlet of the Duel

    Paladin Battle Standard
    -Questing Vow
    -Great Weapon
    -Heavy Armour
    -Valorous Stand.
    -Virtue of the Ideal
    -Barded Bret. Warhorse

    Knights of the Realm
    8 Knights
    -Full Command
    -Banner of Chalons
    -Hand Weapon,Lance,Heavy Weapon,Shield

    Peasant Bowmen
    12 Bowmen
    -Full Command
    -Hand Weapon,Longbow,Defensive Stakes
    -Light Armour

    Pegasus Knights
    3 Pegasus Knights
    -Hand Weapon,Lance,Heavy Armour,Shield

    Questing Knights
    5 Knights
    -Hand Weapon,Great Weapon,Heavy Armour,Shield

    This all comes out to 995 points.

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    Your general has too much magical gear. He can only take a total of 50 points worth of magical equipment including virtues. Also, your bsb can't use a great weapon, as he can only use one hand. Nor can he take the Valorous standard, since that banner can only be taken as a unit standard.

    If I were you, I would ditch the Grail Vow on your general, and give it to the bsb instead. That way he can still go into the questing knight unit as I imagine was the intention.

    If your general joins your unit of knights of the realm, he won't have any of the advantages of being immune to psychology, since he follows his unit's psychology rules. If you give him a magical weapon, and pray at the start of the battle, there really isn't any reason for him to take the Grail Vow.

    Since he can't take a great weapon or a mundane lance, giving your bsb a magical lance will give him back some of his fighting power. Also the Virtue of the Ideal is actually a rather strange thing to give the bsb, but if you place him in the q. knight unit they'll reroll both break and psychology tests, so it offsets the limitation somewhat. The problem is that you can't afford a magical lance with that virtue, so I would change it. My personal favorite combo on a bsb is the Virtue of Duty, and Wyrmlance.

    Also, remove the light armor on your bowmen, and make them skirmishers instead. The stakes are cool, but I always take a unit of skirmishers in favour of them. Don't take the braziers unless you know you're meeting flammable or regenerating opponents, and lose the bowmen banner, then use the points for a war banner for your KotR unit, unless your opponent is skaven where the chalôns banner his handy for taking out ratling guns (grr).

    Enough with the suggestions? In the very least, change the illegal mistakes you made on your characters... probably won't be very popular with your opponent if he finds out. Oh, and give your general a lance... it's a one-hand weapon.

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