Howdy, this is my first time at doing one of these forums so here goes...

Lord: 161pts
Elector Count (161) - great weapon, Armour of meteoric iron, Holy Relic

Heroes: 407pts
Battle Wizard (120) - Lv2, Doomfire Ring
Battle Wizard (145) - Lv2, 2 Dispel Scrolls
Warrior Priest (142) - Great Weapon, Hvy Armour, Barded Warhorse, Van Horstman's Speculum.

Core: 1130pts
28 Swordsmen (271) - full command, Griffon Banner (from EC)
Detachment, 10 free comp (50)
Detachment, 10 free comp (50)
10 Huntsmen (100)
12 Crossbowmen (96)
9 Knight Order (299) - Inner Circle, Full command, War Banner
8 White Wolves (264) - Inner Circle, Full command

Special: 214pts
6 Pistolers (114)
Great Cannon (100)

Rare: 88pts
8 Flagellants

Total: 2000pts even
I've sort of made this list as a border prince army - supplies from the empire are sporadic, meaning limited supplies of blackpowder hence only 1 cannon and the 6 pistolers (and no repeater pistol :unsure: ). The mounted troops go on one flank with the swordsmen and detachments in the centre with the crossbowmen and cannon. The flagellants are there to protect my flank and basically die. So... what do you think?