2000 High Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 2000 High Elves

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    Is this a good Army?

    Prince w/ a
    Steed, ilthimar barding, Dragon Armour, LB and shield.
    Claw of Devastation
    Pure of Heart
    Amulate of purifying flame.

    Commander w/ a
    Steed, ilthimar barding, Dragon Armour, LB and shield.
    Helm of fortune
    Guardian Phoenix.

    Lvl. 1 Mage w/a
    Steed, ilthimar barding
    Dispel scroll.

    Lvl. 1 Mage w/an
    Annulian Crystal.

    16 Archers
    Full command and light armour.

    20 Spearmen
    Full command.

    8 Silver Helms w/
    Heavy armour, shield and full command.
    Baner of Ellyrion.

    8 Dragon Princes w/
    Lion Standard and full command.

    2 RBT.

    2 Great Eagles.

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    Im going to assume its 2k because of the prince(although why you didnt mark the point size escapes me). In that case,its way too small. Claw of devestation sucks pretty badly,for 80 points its very overcosted for what it does(with only S4 even rerolls will only help so much). 16 Archers is way too big,when are they ever going to all be able to fire??? 2 Lvl 1 mages is pointless. Your spending over 200 points for 3 extra dispell dice and a scroll,when for 130 you could get 1 extra dispell and 2 scrolls. Your force is so amazingly small it will be outnumbered by everything. You have 3 combat units,2 of which are meant to be supporting/shock units. You will simply be overwhelmed by almost any opponent.

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