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Thread: Monster Madness

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    Monster Madness

    Okay, I plan to collect a single Montrous Mount for each Warhammer army, so I have a question.

    Can anyone give me a list of the single best (Chaos Dragon, Orc Wyvern, Zombie Dragon, etc.) Monstrous Mounts of each Warhammer Fantasy army?

    Input is appreciated.

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    Beasts of Chaos - Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (Not actually a mount)
    Bretonnians - Hippogryph
    Dark Elves - Dragon, Hydra (noam)
    Dwaves - ... Anvil of Doom?
    Empire - Dragon
    High Elves - Dragon, Eagle?
    Hordes of Choas - Dragon
    Tomb Kings - Bone Giant (noam), Casket of Souls?
    Lizardmen - Carnosaur
    Ogres - Rhinox?
    OnG - Wyvern
    Skaven - Screaming bell
    VampCounts - Zombie Dragon, Abysmal Terror, Varghulf (noam)
    Wood Elves - Dragon, Treeman (noam)

    Thats all i can think of off the top of my head, with some random large things (?) and (noam) included incase they count

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