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    I recently downloaded the Cult of Sllaanesh army list and decided to collect a force of these decadent Druchii. So I drew up the following list:

    Sorceress (90), Mark of Slaanesh (20). 110pts

    15 Devoted (180), full command (30). 210pts

    10 Warriors (70), repeater crossbows (40). 110pts

    5 Shades (70). 70pts

    Total: 500pts

    Now is it just me or is this list horribly weak? Or am I blind to the cunning of the Druchii? Tell me what you think. 8|

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    I saw the plea on your signature, so I decided to help. I'm no Dark Elf expert (i just put my first list up&#33 but I had a look at the slannesh list on the net. Your army looks better than you give it credit for, as most BP armies have very few units, and you have more. They are small, but from what I can make out, OK in combat. And you'll probaly be surpised how far magic AND shooting goes in BP. ( most people I played had neither, just big, nasty combat units. my empire handgunners and goblin shaman really evened games out for my orcs and empire, and having BOTH magic and shooting should work a treat, especally with shades 'stealthness'&#33
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