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Thread: 2k Dwarf List.

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    its ungrim (AGAIN) i have a game lined up for thursday against a skaven player. he goes for the maximum amount of clan rats with lloads of rattling guns and plague monks.

    i have altered my list alot to play this army tell me if i should change anything please!

    lord 281pts
    great weapon gromil armour shiled
    rune of snorri spanglehelm, rune of swifness, rune of resistance

    dragon slayer 115pts
    great weapon, mster rune of flight

    dragon slayer 115pts
    great weapon, master rune of flight

    runesmith 158pts
    great weapon, gromil armour ,shield
    3 x scrolls (dispell)


    12x crossbowmen 161pts
    shields, musicain

    12x crossbowmen 161pts
    shields, musicain

    12x crossbowmen 161pts
    shields, musicain

    10 rangers 130pts


    15 ironbreakers 225pts
    full command

    2x bolt throwers 90pts

    2x bolt throwers 90pts


    organ gun 125pts

    flame cannon 140pts

    TOTAL ::::::::::::::::::: 1937PTS

    any advice to help me pulp that grey seer! like he will probably do to me!!
    i hate warp lighning!!

    Boys rule, Girls suck! (if you get what i mean)

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    Ok I see many, many problems with this list. I&#39;ll take it slowly and then suggest something at the end, so here it goes....

    Right the characters.. the Lord is illegal. The two weapon runes he has are Master Runes, thus he cannot have two of them. Also by adding on runes you loose all the bonuses from having a GW, so no S bonus.

    The two Dragon Slayers are again illegal, you can&#39;t have the same combo of runes on two items. So you can&#39;t have the MRoFlight on both dragon slayers, also again with the GW. And why have slayer characters without a slayer unit? and why TWO??&#33;&#33;

    The runesmith is good.

    The units.... Now if you&#39;re going up against an army of skaven and you&#39;re pretty sure he&#39;s taking a horde army, then why the hell are you taking a shooty one??&#33;&#33;&#33; This army will get it&#39;s arsed kicked badly against any skaven army with more then two units of clanrats, drop the rangers and most the X-Bowmen. Instead use the pts to get as many large blocks of warriors as you can, your infantry are MUCH better than his. They&#39;re tougher, better armoured and will last longer in combat, so use this and take them. Big units of 20+ will cause some worry to the skaven units.

    Also IBs are quite a good choice, but I still think Longbeards are probably a better choice. Their better S and immune to panic will rule against the low T and low Sv rats.

    Now the war machines..... Why the four BTs? Drop two (maybe even three) and get at least one ST, whack a RoAccuracy and RoPenetrating on there and this can almost wipe out a unit by itself (with luck and good guessing). And on the BTs, if you keep the two, add a RoPenetrating to both and on one add the MRoSkewering. This will mean it will be easier to go through more ranks (thus more dead rats) and one will hit on a 2+, allowing you that all important hit.

    The flame cannon is a great choice, this will make any unit that gets too close pay. Dearly. And the organ gun may come in handy, very nasty against skirmishers and will make most infantry fear to come close. Though a Gyrocopter may work well, stops marching and will be able to use the steam cannon on it from behind (should cause a few casulties).

    Ok these are my suggestions.....

    Drop most of the X-Bows, and swap them for warriors instead

    Drop TWO of the BT for a ST with runes, and add some to the BTs

    Drop both the slayer characters, get another Runsmith and a thane (maybe a BS

    Redo the runes for the lord - MRoSwiftness, RoCleaving, RoFury, RoStone and maybe MRoSpite will make him a very fearsome prospect to face

    I think this should help, the list is too missile heavy. To cause panic you&#39;d need to kill a ton from one unit, now that would leave lots more away and free of misile fire. And more unit will reach your lines intact, this isn&#39;t a good thing (especially with only one combat orientated unit).

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