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    I have been messing around with this list for a while now and am thinking of using or something close to it in at the next Conflict event. I am looking for some feedback on the list and also to know if in a tournament you can change your army list between battles to be suit your opponent you are facing. I realized I had thrown away 50pts the other day on dispel scrolls when I played a pick up game against Dwarves using this list.

    1503 points

    Unit #1
    Tomb Prince: Light Amour, Spear of Antahak, Shield of Petra
    Heirophant: Blue Khepra
    20 x Skeleton Warriors Hand Weapons and Shields, Full command

    Unit #2
    20 x Skeleton Warriors Hand Weapons and Bows, Standard and Musician

    Unit #3
    9 x Light Horsemen Bows and Hand Weapons

    Unit #4
    12 x Heavy Horsemen, Full Command

    Unit #5
    4 x Chariots, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Undying)

    Unit #6
    Screaming Skull, Skull of Foes
    Lich Priest, Dispel x2

    It is a an army that fights pretty well I just am not sure the tournament playability of it. It has worked pretty well in test games recently.
    In certain situations I might drop the Chariots or the Light Horsemen, depending on the army being played and on the terrain, and opt for 3 swarms or a Tomb Scorpion and use the “It came from below� rule. I have no Carrion but have found that swarms work well for reeking havoc amongst war machines. I like the swarms because it gives unit strength 9, 5 attacks per base (that fight at full strength until the base is destroyed) fear causing, poison attack charge oh yeah, each base has 5 wounds. That is generally enough to break any machine crew.
    That is why I ask if you can change your army list between games in a tournament or do you have your set army list? Or do you recreate your army list for every match? I have never played in a Warhammer tournament before so I am very interested to get some feedback.


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    Well, common rules for tournaments are:
    No special characters.
    No dogs of war.
    Painted and Based models (just paint the bases gobbo green for me! )
    You always play with the list you sign in with. So you can't change it, better have an allround list!

    In my opinion, you gotta have some swarms. They are cheaper then Tomb scorpions, higher unit strength so they can negate ranks when they're done with warmachines. Dwarves and gunline empire are fecked if you pop up with 3 swarms, thats for sure!

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