Ok im new in the whole warhammer fantasy and starting with tomb kings. Friends were able to convince me by playing on my love of egypt and there gods. Any way This is my starting list on what im gona buy adn would like a couple tips on how to make it better. Also a question on the casket of souls, is it worth it at 2k battles?? it seems a little crummy ,but would like some comments on how people fared with it.

Hero -436
Tomb Prince() Great Weapon() Light Armour() Shield()

Liche Priest() Cloak of Dunes() Hieratic Jar()
Liche Priest() Staff of Ravening() Skeletal Steed()

Core Units -446
20 Skeleton Warriors() *Hw & Bows*

20 Skeleton Warriors() *Hw & Bows*

8 Skeleton Light Horsemen() Champion()

Special Unit -500
20 Tomb Guard() Champion() Standered Bearer() Musician() Banner of the Undying Legion()

3 Chariots()

Tomb Scorpian()

Rare Units -110
Screaming Skull Catapault() Skulls of the Foe()