I used this list:

-Brass Orb, heavy armor, halberd

-Warp Blades, Condenser, Accumulator, 1 Dispell Scroll, Storm Daemon

-Warp Blades, Condenser, Accumulator, Warp Scroll

Grey Seer-535
-Screaming Bell, Warpstone Charm, Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat, Dispell Scroll

30 Clanrats-195
-Spears, musician, Banner

Warp Fire Thrower-75

30 Clanrats-165
-Musician, Banner

Rattling Gun-60

20 slaves-40

10 Night Runners-90

5 Gutter Runners-100
-Tunneling Team, Poisoned Hw, Poisoned Throwing Stars

5 Gutter Runners-95
-Tunneling Team, Poisoned Hw, Throwing Stars

15 Storm Vermin-201
-Shields, Full Command, Umbraner

Doom Wheel-150
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12 Power Dice
8 Dispell Dice
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I got 1 minor loss, and I massacared 2 people. I didn't expect to massacare(oe even win much) anyone, I thought the bell was too much of a point sink to win, but- the unit it was with was barely touched all the games(nevver took more than 5 deaths).

Game 1:I was playing an all deamon army of nurgle. He had about 40 plauge bearers, 8 nurhling bases, Unclean One, and that freaky deamon riding a deamon(thing). I managed to get his unclean one down to 2 wounds(dont ask how). I killed one squad of plauge bearers, his riding thing, and some more plauge bearers. Un fortunately, I forgot to use my weapon teems(probably lost me the game ). Also Unfortuatly, I rolled 1,5,4,6 for my magic(2 plauge spells&#33. I would have tied him, but he had 2 table 1/4s and one of my banners. this is the one I minorly lost.

Game 2: Lizard men. He had a Slaan, Stegadon, temple guard, 30 skinks, and 16 Saurus, and 4 Kroxigors. My slaves charged his Steagadon, passed their terror test, did nothing, but neither did the Steagadon It ran away, I followed up, and my 20 slaves killed his Steagadon on turn 2. MADE MY DAY! ! The rest of the battle I non-descriptivley slaughtered his entire army to a Lizzard.

Game 3: Dwarves. We played breakthrough. Nuff said.

I did much beter than I thought I would overall. What do you guys think?