Lord of Change- 665
Daemonic Herald w/ MoT, Greater Icon of Chaos, Spell Breaker- 245
3x10 Horrors w/ champ- 199 (597)
2x5 Flamers
3 Changebringers- 210
Chariot of Tzeentch (Flyer)- 140

49 Models, 11 power dice, 8 dispel dice, plus 3 bound spells that can either a) hurt the enemy or draw out up to 6 dispel dice so that other spells can hurt the enemy.

The Lord of Change is fairly central to this. He does basically all of the magic, while the chariot and changebringers block marches, kill warmachines, etc. The Flamers also block marches, as well as cause random mayhem and kill small units. And of course, the rest is magic. No combat for me, thank you very much.