Beastlord w/ Chaos Armor, Great Weapon, Dark Heart
BSB w/ Beastbanner, Heavy Armor
2 Wargors w/ Great Weapon, heavy armor
2x 8 Gors, 10 Ungors w/ musician, champ
12 Gors, 12 Ungors w/ command
14 Khorngors w/ command, Banner of Rage (BSB and Beastlord go here.... 13 S6, 5 S4, and 6 S7 attacks&#33
3 Minotaurs w/ MoK, Great Weapon (12 S6 attacks&#33
5 Chaos Ogres w/ GW, HA, shld, command (16 S6 or S4 attacks, plus meat shields for minos... not that they're going to die much except to the Hellblaster...)
Giant w/ Mutant Monstrosity
Shaggoth w/ GW, Light Armor

As long as one of the terror causers, the Khorngors, and the Minos/Ogres get to the enemy lines, I'm happy. Everything else is gravy. Beast Herds are meat shields, plain and simple. Although one has command because it's big enough to hold it's own in combat.