This is kind of a 'take all comers' list.
My list is mainly infantry, a fair bit shooting, and very few cavalry. I don't really like cavalry, and I hate painting them, but I did include some reavers for flank charging, and Chariots, 'cause their cool

Any comments/suggestions would be great.

Lord: 216

Prince: 216
Bow of the Seafarer
Shadow Armour
Great Weapon

My Lord comes from Slai's tactica, with the great Eagle replaced with Shadow armour, because I didn't have the points for an Eagle.

Heroes: 300

Mage: 170
Level 2
Silver Wand

My first mage (The Level 2 one) will have Lore of Life, 'cause I like it, especially Rain Lord, Master of Stone and Howler Wind.

Mage: 130
Jewel of the Dusk
Dispel Scroll

My Second Mage is for extar power dice, but spell wise, he will have High Magic. Any spell in it is good for me except Walk Between Worlds, Drain Magic is the one thats important though. I skipped on a Second Dispel Scroll because I plan to use Drain Magic to close down the enemy magic phase, Jewel of the Dusk is there so he can cast it at a High Level (hopefully&#33 due to the extra Casting Dice.

Core: 541

Lothern Sea Guard: 215
Sea Guard (x12)

Ahh, the Lothern Seaguard, I took these guys because I needed something to defend my Bolt Throwers and Archers, but Spearmen seemed a waste as they might just stand there for the whole game, so I took Seaguard so I could at least fire arrows. I will deploy them (on a hill, preferably) in a 6x2 formation, and if any enemies get close, I will &#39;change formation&#39; to switch to 4x3 to make use of the Spears, and, &#39;changing formation&#39; still allow me to fire my bows, but with -1 to hit for moving. <_<

Archers: 120
Archers (x10)

Archers, I chose them to bolster my shooting effectiveness, and will probably deploy them near my Repeaters.

Spearmen: 206
Spearmen (x16)

Spearmen, these guys are going into my &#39;main infantry line&#39; with the Swordmasters and White Lions.

Special: 499

Swordmasters of Hoeth: 250
Swordmasters (x15)
Blessed Tome

Swordmasters, these guys are going into my &#39;main infantry line&#39; with the Spearmen and White Lions. Also, their just too damn good to pass up.

Shadow Warriors: 90
Shadow Warriors (x6)

Shadow Warriors, I wanted more shooting stuff, and scouts. Also the models are cool.

Tiranoc Chariot: 85

Tiranoc Chariot: 85

Tiranoc Chariots, these are about the same speed as my Infantry (seeing as they can&#39;t march) an will be stuck in with the &#39;main infantry&#39; line.

Ellyrian Reavers: 97
Reavers (x6)

Reavers, I took these for flanking and to support my infantry.

Rare: 443

Repeater Bolt Thrower: 100

Repeater Bolt Thrower: 100

Repeater Bolt Throwers, these are great value for points, and I just couldn&#39;t pass them up&#33;

White Lions of Chrace: 243
White Lions (x16)

White Lions, these guys are going into my &#39;main infantry line&#39; with the Swordmasters and Spearmen.