hey all, This is my first whfb army(woohoo i can here other whfb players saying).

so here it is...
Paladin, Grail vow, virtue of the joust, lance, shield - 112
goes with KOTR to hopefully do a lot of damage.

Paladin, BSB, knightly vow, lance, shield, virtue of duty - 115
He goes with the KEs.

8 knights of the realm, standard, musician - 216

6 knight errants. standard, musicain

20 m&as, standard, musican. champion - 127
12 peasants bowmen, skirmshers - 72
3 pegasus knights -165

total 948
modals - 51

There you have it and What do you's think of it opinions plz.
The enemies i will be facing mostly empire, 2 lizardmen(1 normal and the other is a skink army(shivers)). possiably another bretonnians, 1 woodelf, 1 high cavlerly army(if i played them that would be fun ) and that all for the now. I have seen with there armies these days.