This is my first attempt at a 2000 list with my tombkings so what do u guys think:

Tomb King-chariot, great weapon, shield, armourof the ages,chariot of fire, crown of kings. - 324pts

Liche Preist- cloak of the dunes, hieratic jar. - 160pts
Liche Priest- dispell scroll. - 140pts
Icon Bearer- light armour, battle standerd. - 67pts

12 skellie archers. - 96pts
6 light horsemen. - 84pts
12 Heavy horsemen- full command, war banner. - 252pts.
5 Chariots- full command, banner of the undying legion. - 275pts (joined by tomb king)

Tomb Scorpion. - 85pts
25 Tomb Guard- champion, musician. - 318pts. (joined by icon bearer)

Screaming skull catapult. - 90pts
Screaming Skull catapult- skulls of the foe. - 110pts

Total = 2001pts