2000 Point Tourny Skaven - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    I made first cut in an Emperor's Champion Tourament. Now I get to play round 2.

    This was the list I used at the EC tourny:

    Lord/heroes: 610
    Grey Seer Ik’tch-320
    Dispell scroll, Twisted Crown, extra token

    Warlock Iit-135
    -No gun kit, Dispell Scroll, Storm Daemon

    Assassin Noktill-155
    -warpstone stars

    Core: 990
    30 Clanrats-195
    -Spears, musician, Banner

    30 Clanrats-165
    -Musician, Banner

    30 Clanrats-165
    -Musician, Banner

    Warp Fire Thrower-75

    rattling gun-60

    20 slaves-40

    20 Storm Vermin-230
    -Shields, Full Command, War Banner

    2 Giant rat packs-60

    Rare: 100
    Warplightning Cannon-100

    Special: 302
    10 gutter runners-152
    poisoned hw

    3 Rat Ogres-150

    166 models
    8 power dice
    5 dispell dice

    I want to avoid things that could be considerd cheasy. Most noteably, another warlock or Jazails.
    tell me what you think. Thanks in Advace.

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    Other than the Rat Ogres, that's one of my favorite Skaven lists I've seen in a long time. I hate Rat Ogres, because it's so easy to make them panic. I'd trade them for some slaves and night runners. Other than that, kudos.
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