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    Daemon Battles Results - Web Based Poll for June 2009

    Here are the results of the Daemon Battles poll.(843 battles reported, from over 20 websites and 502 users.)

    High Level Breakdown of Deamon Battle Stats and Business Rules Used to Create Them

    Overall Daemon Battle Percentage

    Overall Daemon Battle Percent/ Using Special Characters

    Wins 447 53% Wins 162 63%
    Loss 299 35% Loss 70 27%
    Draws 97 12% Draws 26 10%
    843 258

    Business Rules:
    1) Battles reported, but did not mention if special characters were defaulted to non special characters battles.
    2) Battles were tracked at the following points levels: 500,1000,1250, 1500,2000,2250,2500,3000,3500,4000
    3) All battles are based on the New Deamon Book. Battles with armies that had their book released after the Deamon book. Use only the new Books results (ie all battles with WOC are based on the new WOC book only)
    4) Battles which the opponent used special characters are not recorded, just the Daemon Special Characters
    5) Reports where Daemons fought Daemons were not used.
    6) Special Characters Definition (Named Characters, Like Skull Taker, etc). Not Greater Daemons.

    7) A Max of 10 battles were taken from each User (If more then 10 a random sample was used to choose the ones selected.

    Conclusions and Notes:
    1) Battles with Special Characters used by the Daemon Army yielded a 10% higher Victory Rate then those with No Special Characters

    2) No Army has an Overall Positive winning percentage against the Daemons
    3) Top Armies against the Daemons Overall Winning Percentage (Shows the New books are better balanced against the Daemons Overall)
    Lizards 44%
    Dwarfs 42%
    Dark Elves 41%
    Vampires 40%
    High Elves 38%
    WOC 37%
    4) Bottom Armies against Deamons Overall Winning Percentage (Books that are out dated and have a slim chance versus Daemons)
    BOC 25%
    DOW 18%
    5) Armies that have a better winning percentage then losses when Daemons armies not using Special Characters (In fact some armies are nearly at break even when in this case)
    Dark Elves 45%
    Lizards 45%
    6) On Average Armies winning percentage vs Daemons armies without special characters increases by 7% to 8%

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