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Thread: Other armies

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    Other armies

    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if you could give me your opinions on which armies excel at which aspects of the game?

    So, phases are Movement, Magic, Shooting and Close Combat. Which armies are the best at each individual phase, and which armies are the strongest across the board?

    All of this is obviously going to be your own opinion, but I'm curious what people think for each phase.

    (I don't know if this will need moved, but I couldn't find a generic "discuss all armies" board.)

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    Slaanesh owns all rights belonging to the movement phase.

    not really sure what has the best magic options,
    i hear slann mages have good magic options (and even magic items that make you choose your own spells?? :o),
    Tzeentch can have sickloads of magicdice
    but the raise dead spells of the vampires make 4 necromancers a common sight, giving something like 16 magicdice and more undead every turn then canbe shot down.
    High elves should have the best casters for thats been the part of the warhammer story longtime not sure if thats actually the case, but they get +1 to cast... and teclis

    shooting: anything with lots of choices and high strength warmachines.
    empire has a wide range, including the great cannon d6 wound at str 10, that will do the trick. mortars hellblasters and rocketlaunchers, steamcannons, skirmish bowmen and gunners
    i think the dwarfs can make a better gunline because of their cheaper guns ( like bolt throwers) and the runic options.

    too bad they dont have the elf's gift of 4 BS

    combat: chaos knights?
    i like goblins

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    In general I would say that Lizardmen or wood elves have the best movement phase; both armies have plentiful skirmisher units, flying units, and high movement monsters. In the case of WE, they almost universally ignore woods which are probably the most common terrain type after hills. I would also say Ogres, since the whole army march moves 12", but they have too few models on the field to really dominate the movement phase.

    For magic, I have a soft spot for HE since they were my first army, and they probably have the best chance at controlling the magic phase (not necessarily dishing out the most damage, howerver.) It depends on the degree of cheesiness the player is going for. In a tournament-level list, Tzeentch Daemons have the best access to power dice, VC being a close second. Many people forget that Empire can have several casters and a ton of bound spells, which can be very annoying to play against. In general, based on the typical magic-heavy army you could expect to face, I would say HE or Empire.

    The shooting phase, for me, goes to the dwarves. Empire can be annoying, but the dwarves have some nifty tricks to bring the shooting phase together and make it pretty deadly. Wood Elf shooting of course is excellent, but it's rare that something game-changing happens in their shooting phase; more often, they just take off rank bonuses while dancing around you.

    Combat is probably the hardest to pick, because most armies are very good at it. Empire sucks at combat, and dwarves aren't much better. Wood Elves are surprisingly good at it, when it's in their favor at least, and of course Chaos owns. Temple guard and Saurus with spears can take it on the chin and give back as good as they get, and their Stegadons are ferocious on a charge turn. Ogres can be scary, but without lucky dice they are hopeless against massive ranked infantry/multiple combats. If I had to pick one army, I would probably say Chaos or Lizardmen.

    Just my $.02, around here at least that seems to me to be how the armies play.

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    There is a forum, FB Armies, but it's not very obvious. It's always been an issue.
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