My buddy and I are entering a 2v2 tournament/league. Each Person brings 1k pts to the table and I thought I would get the opinion of the Librarium community. I play Daemons of Chaos and he plays Dark Elves. He will be taking 2 sorceresses to my 1 Herald of Tzeentch with Power Vortex possibly with Winger Horror. We thought to do this because he can cast first getting more power dice and having more things to get dispelled, we do relize the tzeentch lore is more powerful than DE which is the eact reason why we are doing this. I will be casting last. I also want to take the Skulltaker for hero domination (especially against a vampire counts army the general will go down like a b****). Other than that the only things are I do not own any Pink Horrors, only 1 Bloodcrusher, 4 beasts of nurgle, 4 fiends of nurgle, 5 flamers of tzeentch, 10 flesh hounds, 15 daemonettes, about 60 bloodletters, 45 plague bearers, and he does not own any witch elves. So, any suggestions?