I am having my first battle against Dark Elves in about a weeks time and this is the army list that i have planned out for it. I know its a bit over 2000 pts but my opponent has agreed that 11pts is ok.

Great Bray Shaman (313)
Death Lore lvl 4
Chaos Armour
Crown of Horns
Dispel Scroll
Power Stone

Bray Shaman (161)
Shadow Lore lvl 2
Gaze of the Gods
Spell Familiar

Bray Shaman (156)
Death Lore lvl 2
Talisman of Protection
Dispel Scroll

Wargor BSB (139)
Banner of Wrath

Bestigor Herd x15 (210)
inc Gouge-horn

Beast Herd 1 (165)
x15 Gors with x2HW inc Foe Render
x5 Ungors with Spears & Shields

Beast Herd 2 (160)
x15 Gors with HW & Shield inc Foe Render
x5 Ungor with Spears & Shields

Tuskgor Chariot x2 (170)

Dragon Orges x3 (231)
with 2nd Weapon, lght Armour

Dragon Orge Shaggoth (306)
with GWeapon and Lght Armour

Total points: 2011