i've been using this list for around 6 months and it has had a lot of success!!

Lord-joins quest
Sir Guy De Gallant
sword of the quest, the questing vow,tress of isoulde, mantle of damsel elena, enchanted shield, virtue of disciplene, barded warhorse-258pts

Paladin bsb-joins errant
Sir Robin the Brave
banner of the lady, Knights vow, virtue of duty, barded warhorse-204pts

Damsel-joins errant
level2, mane of the purebreed, horse, dispel scroll-165pts

Damsel-joins quest
level2, horse, dispel scrolls x2-165pts

10 realm
full command, war banner-289pts

10 errant
full command, errantry banner-241pts

16 bowmen-96pts

13 bowmen-78pts

6 quest
full command, war banner-220pts

3 pegasus
full command-195pts



this is not for tournaments just friendly games generally against dwarfs and lizardmen
please reply with your comments and opinions