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    Themed Army Advice

    Good Morning or Evening all,

    I am working on a themed army. But I can't decide which army would be best for it. The army theme is the Biblical Israelites during the Exodus and Judges periods. I am going to design and build an Ark of the Covenant for the army I use, based on what seems best in the army for it (such as the Casket of Souls or Anvil of Doom). I am looking at maybe doing a 3 part progression, with the final parts being a Knight Heavy (most likely Bretonnian) and a Second Coming (themed Tomb Kings). But it is the first one I can't decide upon. Basic idea is that one of that race is transported by magic to the real world, learns about their religion, and then years later is transported back to the Warhammer world. Upon their return to the Warhammer world, they form their own tribe/clan that worships based upon what they learned. I was looking at Dwarfs, Orcs, or maybe another. Not sure. Any suggestions?

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    I would say go for dwarfs. They have epic worthy beards, and share many of the cultural similarities of Hebrews. Those traits being their clannish nature, and focus on kings (and beards, did I mention beards?). Also dwarfs are slow, so that represents how long it took to cross the desert.

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