Here is new idea lists I was thinking to start off for Skaven. One list is assaulty, while the other is shooty..depending on the army and situation. It follows the 500pt Warhammer Warband in US WD 296. If any of you don't know it it requires as follows:
-Must include at least 2 Core Units
-Units may not include more than 10 units
-May have up to 1 Special and up to 1 rarechoice.If you don't select a rare choice you can have 2 special choices etc.
-may include 0-2 Heros. The max points for them must be 150pts. If you declare one a General, than the general may go past the 150pt limit.
-May include 0-1 war machine or chariot; may include 0-1 flying unit

Warning: I know this list is unfluffy. I did this to get a feel what I am best at in Warhammer fantasy since I am really new to it.

Sample Army 1(Assaulty)

-great weapon, heavy armor
-2 hand weapons, throwing stars, tenebrous cloak
(2 warbands, 10 units in each warband)Stormvermin@105pts
-full command
4 warplock jezzails@80pts

Total points@478pts

Sample Army 2(Shooty)

-great weapon, heavy armor
(10 units)Stormvermin@165pts
-full command, ratlinggun team
(10 units)Clanrats@180pts
-full command, warpfire thrower team
(8 units)Night Runners@50pts
-Nightleader upgrade

Total points@501pts

Any critisms?