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    Hey I'm new to the whole Warhammer game. I just got into warhammer about a week ago, going down to Great White with my friend who collects Chaos Daemons and High Elves.

    I asked him what team that no-one he knows has and it was sure enough Dwarves (Which was my first choice). So this is my first list, so go easy on me (PS: I used some ideas from past lists and used the "Thane O' Pain"):

    Rune Smith 147 pts
    Master Rune of Balance, Master Rune of Gromril, Great Weapon, Light Armor

    Thane 115 pts (Thane O' Pain)
    Master Rune Of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Stone, Gromril Armor, Shield.

    20 Warriors 225 pts
    Heavy Armor, Shield, Standard Bearer, Musician.

    20 Warriors 239 pts
    Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, Shield, Veteran

    13 Crossbowmen 192 pts

    15 Ironbreakers 201 pts
    Gromril,. Shield

    2 Bolt Throwers 120 pts
    Rune of Burning, Rune of Penetrating

    1 Cannon 135 pts
    Rune of Forging

    11 Crossbowmen 108 pts

    Total = 1494

    I'll be versing Demons or Highelves, I would apreciate any tips on placement/arrangements of my army and anything I should add/subtract.

    P.S. I may have calculated the numbers wrong, I did it about 4 times and the numbers came up differently I don't know why maybe its some kind of voodoo magic trick, or my keyboard sucks.

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    I would recommend that you had full command in each of your melee units... standard bearer, musician, and veteran.

    Also, both of your bolt throwers cannot have the same rune combination, so you should make one have the rune of burngng and rune of penetration, and the other just have the rune of penetration.
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