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Thread: My First Army

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    I am really new to the game and after thinking about it I decided to buy a chaos army. I Have not decided on many of the magic items yet and I eventually want a 3000pts plus army.Could you please give me some advice on what I could do to improve my army and which magic items I should take.My army is chaos undevided.

    1X Exalted Champion Of Chaos,Add Hand Weapon,50pts magic items,154pts
    1xAspiring Champ Of Chaos,BSB,BANNER OF WRATH,155PTS
    1xSorcerer Of Chaos,Lvl 2,50pts Magic Items,Mark Of Slaanesh,185pts
    12xChaos Warriors,Full Command,ADD HW,Mark Of Khorne,279pts
    12xChaos Warriors,Full Command,War Banner,ADD HW,229pts
    16xChaos Marauders,Full Command,Light Armor,Shields,129 pts
    5xChaos Knights,Chosen,Mark Of Slaanesh,Full Command,285pts
    5xMarauder Horsemen,Throwing Spears,Full Command,125pts
    5xChaos Warhounds 30pts
    1xHellcannon 270pts
    Total 1841pts
    I also have 1 beastherd but I don't know how many points they are worth.
    I want to get this army up to 3000pts and need a good recommendation for a general.
    Thanks for your help

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    Play mortal chaos,dont buy any demons or beastmen yet. Get more marauders and maybe a chariot,and pick which god you want to play

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