Well i played with a list of chaos dwarves last night against slannesh demonic legions,and my opponent was able to pull of a victory. The bull centaurs unfortunatly didnt do too much,being charged by daemonite cavalry and for the most part dying. The earthshaker misfired every round too :realmad:

Anyways heres a new improved list:


Lord w/ Armour of the Furnace Hammer of Hashut &
Sheild 213

Sorceror w/ 2 Dispell Scrolls 115

Hero w/ Battle Standard & Armour of Kazrakh 115


2x19 Warriors w/ Great Axes Standard & Champion 458

2x15 Warriors w/ Blunderbuss 360

2x25 HobGoblins 100


20 Black Orcs w/ Standard & Champion 264

2 Death Rockets 160


Earthshaker 110

5 Bull Centaurs w/ Heavy Armour 105

Points: 2005 Models:148

The characters go with the warriors,the goblins take the flanks or serve as fodder for the most part(although i did have some good luck with them before). A bit light on the magic defense but i felt more troops was worth the weakness. So tell me what you think,all advice is appreciated!